BMS Digital Learning Days

Buford City Schools will remain closed for in-person instruction through the remainder of the school year as a result of Governor Kemp's executive order, which mandated school closures in an effort to protect the health and safety of communities across the state. As this period of time includes our scheduled Spring Break, we intend to honor the time off for our staff and families, and we will not engage in Digital Learning Days from April 6-10. Teachers will be in communication with students and parents regarding the continuation of digital learning following Spring Break. 
BMS Expectations for Digital Learning
Beginning April 13, 2020, Buford Middle School will reduce the daily distance learning workload for teachers and students according to the following schedule:
The goal is for students to spend 30 min or less per subject per day.
  • Mondays - ELA/SS ELA - Zoom (optional)
  • Tuesdays - Math/Science Math - Zoom (optional)
  • Wednesdays - Math/Science Science - Zoom (optional)
  • Thursdays - Student Break/Teacher Planning
  • Fridays - ELA/SS SS - Zoom (optional)
  • *Connections Teachers will send one assignment on Monday for the students to work on during the week.*
Thank you for your continued support and partnership to provide learning from home opportunities. Please stay healthy and safe!
Grading during Digital Learning Update for Grades 1-8
Buford City Schools will implement a new grading system for the remainder of school closure for grades 1-8. The goal of this new grading system is to provide low impact grades for all students while providing additional support for those students who have not yet mastered standards in the four content areas. Teachers have already provided face-to-face instruction over the majority of the grade-level standards. Yearly averages should not be negatively impacted.

Students who were passing courses as of March 13 for yearly average will receive a weekly participation grade (100) if they submit all of their work for the week. Participation Grades will be included in final grade calculations but will be low impact grades and will not significantly increase or decrease a student’s averages. As of March 13, all students will have three grades to date, Week 1 Participation, Week 2 Participation, and Week 3 Participation. (Note: 1st and 2nd Grade student Participation grades began with Week 2) Grades taken between March 16-present will remain in the gradebook but will not impact the final average as noted by the asterisk.

Students who were failing any of the four content area courses (ELA, math, science, and social studies) as of March 13 for the yearly average, will continue to receive Participation grades and additional support and grades in the area he/she was failing until the student is passing the course.

3rd Quarter Middle School Connections classes will be converted to Semester 2 classes in Power School and teachers will continue to give a weekly participation grade.
School Counselors
Please feel free to reach out to your school counselor, if you need anything during this extended school closure:
  • Mrs. Winter - 6th Grade & 7th Grade (last names beginning with A-L); or
  • Mrs. Childers - 7th Grade (last names beginning with M-Z) & 8th Grade.
You can also visit their website for additional information and resources.
Student Meals
Our Nutrition Department will continue with our meal delivery service (updated April 13). They will distribute meals on Monday (2 breakfasts and 2 lunches) and Wednesday (3 breakfasts and 3 lunches). Our meal delivery service will resume on Monday, April 13 using the same Monday/Wednesday delivery schedule.
** To help our nutrition staff plan accordingly, if you plan to receive meals please fill out this short survey. This is just for planning purposes. No one will be turned away if they did not complete the survey. **
- No one is turned away based on income.
- The child(ren) that is 18 years or younger must be present to receive the meals.
In addition, FoodFinder can be used to help food-insecure families locate assistance programs.
Student Resources
Please visit our Student Resources page to access a variety of resources helpful for online learning. Several organizations have made their websites available for free during the school closings. These links, along with links to resources BMS subscribes to, are available here.