Band and Chorus Sign-Ups

Hello 5th-grade students and parents,
We would like to invite you to become a part of our fine arts family at Buford Middle School! The band and chorus represent a large, visible, and highly successful part of the Buford Middle School experience. We want you to know that you don't have to have any prior musical experience to join our programs. We have prepared a short video to answer some common questions and give you a glimpse into our fine arts family. After viewing the video, you will need to fill out the Google Form to register for band, chorus, or BOTH! Please register by June 1st.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kathy Mason, band director, or Merideth Drake, chorus director. 

Please enjoy this condensed article by Music is a universal language that can be shared between all people, making it a great way for new students to feel like they fit in, in their new school. Here are 6 reasons why encouraging your student to join the band or chorus is a great idea:
1. Instant Best Friends
It can be difficult for teens to break into new social circles because solid friendships are often already in place as middle school arrives. When a teen enters band or chorus however, they have an instant subject to use as an ice breaker with others. Plus, most middle and high school bands and choruses have the opportunity to attend and perform at football games, concerts, and competitions. These extracurricular activities make for an easy segue into other social events.
2. Encourages Teamwork
According to the National Association of Music Parents, band and chorus teaches teamwork skills. In performances, individuals must come together to cohesively perform the given piece of music, melding their individual talents into a group product. This encourages both self-improvement and teamwork. Working with others is a critical skill that translates into life beyond high school, useful in future careers, relationships, and more.
3. Rewires the Brain
It’s a well-known fact that band and chorus members are often straight-A students. In fact, playing music helps kids and teens make new and complex neurological connections. Music For All points out that teens will often do better in all of their academic classes, particularly in math and science, when music is a daily part of life.
4. Introduces Students to Community
Teens will make friends with their fellow musicians, and they’ll also have a chance to meet others in the community too. Students will perform at concerts for the entire community as well as family and friends. 
5. Develops Leadership Abilities
Each band member has a chance at being a leader. These leadership roles might rotate through the group as the year wears on, such as conducting the group or leading an instrument or voice section. Who knows, you might even be raising the next drum major! Being able to lead is a skill that enhances the teen’s self-esteem and serves them well as adults.
6. Time Management and Discipline
Being in a band or chorus means that there is some extra work besides the academic classes. Teens must organize and manage their time wisely. Personal discipline, such as studying hard and going to bed early, are common traits of musicians.
We look forward to your child becoming part of our music family at BMS. Welcome to middle school, and welcome to band and chorus!