Spring Family Engagement Night 2021 - Rescheduled

Our Family Engagement Night is an opportunity for our families to become more engaged with students' connections classes by making "connections" with their teachers. In the past, we've used this night to spotlight what students are learning in their connections classes and showcase our students' amazing work. However, with the restrictions, we thought outside the box (and building) and decided to use this as an opportunity to make "connections" with our Buford community as well.
This year, our BMS families will play Buford BINGO on April 22 from 5-7:00 p.m. Students can receive a BINGO card from their teachers. The card is made up of several local Buford establishments. Families can visit these locations, meet their teachers, and get to know some of our local businesses. Most teachers will have a little something for their students related to their class in some way, such as a handout with suggested exercises, recipes, budgeting tips, etc. In addition, some locations will have additional treats for our families. A final incentive for our students includes the chance to win one of several gift cards.
PLEASE NOTE: Mathnasium has relocated next to the Publix on Hamilton Mill. Please see our updated BINGO card for the new location.   

 Buford BINGO
Family Involvement Night