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Spirit Wear Clearance Corner

Please complete the form below for online spirit wear orders. Orders received by Thursday afternoon are available for students on Friday of the same week.

Students will be called to the front office on Friday afternoon to pick up their orders. They should have payment ready at that time. At this time, checks and cash are accepted for online orders.  

Back-to-School 2020 Clearance

Lightweight Hoodie Grey Hoodie

Description: Women's green/gold lightweight hoodie

Clearance Price: $27.95

Sizes Available: AM - 2XL

Description: Unisex Grey BW hoodie (standard fit)

Clearance Price: $18.95

Sizes Available: YXL, AS, &3XL

Use the dropdown menus below each item to select your size.

Unisex Grey BW hoodie - $18.95
Standard fit
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Women's Green & Gold Lightweight Hoodie - $27.95
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