Car Rider Information (2023-24)

For the safety of our children and staff, please help us by abiding by the drop-off/pick-up expectations. Also, please note: ​
  • Students may enter the building beginning at 7:00 a.m. They will report to either their first period teachers or to the cafeteria for breakfast (breakfast will be served until 7:15 a.m.).
  • At 7:00, cars will be directed to continue to the front of the school or to continue toward the back of the school. If you are directed to the front drop off area, please continue straight at the light and do not turn left or right. If you are directed toward the back of the school the car rider drop off area will be located from the cafeteria doors to the media center doors. School personnel will direct you when it is time to form two lines around the back of the building. Students are to stay in their vehicles until directed to exit by school personnel. Please see the map below for details about the morning drop-off procedures. 
  • Students are counted tardy after 7:30 a.m.
  • We do not allow checkouts after 2:15 p.m.
  • The dismissal process begins at 2:40 p.m. Please see the map below for details about the afternoon pick-up procedures. 
Students are asked to abide by the following safety precautions.

1. Watch closely for their ride.
No one will call students' names. They are responsible for locating their cars and getting into them quickly and safely.
2. Refrain from using cell phones.
Cell phones and smart watches must be put away at all times during car riders (see the student agenda). If students need to make a phone call, there are phones in the office or students should ask for assistance from a teacher on duty. 
3. Refrain from running or horseplay.
We have several students crowded into a small space with moving cars. It is essential for safety that all students remain calm.
4. Stay on the sidewalk.
The sidewalk creates a safe distance from the moving cars and allows students a space to walk when it is time to enter their cars.
5. Wait until cars are fully stopped before entering the roadway.
6. If students are not able to get to their cars in time, they should walk to the designated parking spaces and meet their ride there.
Once the cars have started moving, it is too late to step out into the road. Even if a parent stops the car and motions for students, students MAY NOT. Students must walk down to the parking spaces and meet their rides there. 
Parents are asked to abide by the following safety precautions.

1. Refrain from using cell phones.
For the safety of our students, please refrain from any distractions while in line.
2. Observe the following procedures for Sawnee Avenue:
  • Reduce speed to 25 mph.
  • Be prepared to stop at the crosswalks when the lights are flashing. ​
  • Avoid dropping off or picking up students from Sawnee Avenue at any time. ​
3. Follow all directions of the staff during drop off and pick up.
4. Refrain from blocking any entrance or exit at the bus transportation lot next to the turf fields (area noted on the maps). Buses must be able to exit and return without interruption.