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Video Editing Club

Advisor: Susan Nabors
Where: Media Center
Who: Anyone who enjoys video editing or wants to learn more about it
When: Thursdays from 2:45 - 3:45 p.m. 
2023-24 Dates of Meetings: ​Every Thursday that school is in session, beginning in the first Thursday in September and ending the last Thursday in March.
Special Notes:
  • Please complete the Video Editing Club Parent Agreement (see below).
  • You don't have to know how to edit videos to join the video editing club. 
  • The video editing club is a self-directed club where students can work individually or with friends to produce small videos for fun or even for assignments.
  • Students may bring a snack and water.
  • Students should stay in their last period class until after-school activities are called.
  • Families may pick up students in the front of the building under the portico​ promptly at 3:45 p.m. Students not picked up by 4:00 will go to Wolfpack, and parents are charged the full price for this service. 
  • All students staying for Video Editing Club must be registered for Wolfpack by the first meeting the student attends. Students are not required to attend Wolfpack unless their ride home is later than the agreed-upon 4:00 pick-up time.

Video Editing Agreement


All Buford Middle School students are invited to join the BMS Video Editing club. There is no application necessary. We do, however, ask all families to review and complete the agreement below together so everyone is aware of our policies and procedures. All students are welcome to attend our meetings after submitting the agreement below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Nabors.

Student's Grade*
Answer Required
I give permission for my child/student to attend the video editing club at Buford Middle School.*
Answer Required
We agree to meet the student in the designated area and time to provide transportation home. Students not picked up by the designated time will go to Wolfpack and be charged the weekly rate.*
Answer Required
We agree to register the student for Wolfpack before attending the first meeting. This requirement applies even if students do not stay for Wolfpack on a regular basis. All club members, including regular Wolfpack attendees, must submit a copy of this form to the sponsor before the first meeting the student attends. *
Answer Required

Parents may find information pertaining to the Wolfpack program here. Please be aware that all students participating in the BMS Video Editing Club are required to be registered for Wolfpack, even if students do not regularly use this service. Students will only be charged for Wolfpack if they stay.

Parents should submit the form directly to Dr. Nabors, even if the student is a regular Wolfpack attendee.