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Book Club

Advisor: Susan Nabors

Where: Media Center

Who: Anyone who wants to share their love of reading

When: Literary Ambassadors will meet every Monday-Thursday that school is in session from 7:00 - 7:20 a.m. Book Drop members will receive their subscriptions monthly.

Special Notes:
  • We have changed the format of our book club for the 23-24 school year. This year, we will expand our club beyond the time and space of the media center, bringing our love of reading to everyone. Our book club will have two types of membership.
    • Literary Ambassadors - This is an invitation-only membership based on teacher recommendations. Students demonstrating a genuine love of reading and knowledge of various books and authors are eligible for this membership. The limited selection of our Ambassadors is due to the responsibilities associated with this role. More information about this membership role is available from Dr. Nabors.
    • Book Drop Membership - This is a voluntary monthly subscription service provided by our Literary Ambassadors. Book Drop members will complete the Permission & Preference form (complete the form below for a Permission & Preference form). Based on parent permissions and student preferences, our Ambassadors will use their knowledge of a wide variety of books, genres, and authors to select a great option for students to consider reading. All student information will remain confidential, meaning our Ambassadors will only know they are selecting books for a student, not the names of specific students.