Yearbook Purchases (2023-24)

BMS Yearbook
Ording Your Book:
Families have two options for ordering yearbooks. 
  1. Students may bring their payments to the media center. We can only accept cash or check.
  2. Families may reserve their books online. Online sales begin July 26, 2023. 
Things to Know:
  • Reserve Early: To accommodate our increased student enrollment, we increase the number of books we order yearly; however, we may still sell out. For this reason, we strongly encourage all families to reserve a book as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee books will be available if families wait until March or later to purchase books.
  • Tips/Suggestions: Please note the following to ensure your students' books are reserved:
    • We do not have a deadline for purchases. Our books are available for purchase first-come-first-serve until we are sold out. For this reason, we strongly recommend reserving your book early. We cannot guarantee books will be available if families wait until March or later to purchase books.
    • Please print/save a copy of your screen, receipt, or confirmation number for confirmation purposes.
    • Verify the transaction has gone through on your card. The company we use is Walsworth.
    • Feel free to confirm the transaction was successful by emailing Susan Nabors 
    • Due to the high volume of books we sell, please do NOT wait until May to confirm your purchase. 
  • Questions/Concerns: Contact Susan Nabors 
BMS 8th-Grade Shout Outs
Our yearbook staff is excited to offer 8th-grade Shout Outs for the 2023-24 yearbook. See below for our FAQ.
What is a Shout Out? Shout Outs are ads available to our 8th-grade students.
Can I also purchase a Shout Out for my 6th/7th grader? Please help us limit this unique experience to our 8th-grade students while giving 6th & 7th graders something to look forward to.
What size is the ad? Ads will be 1/8 of a page.
How much will the ad cost? Ads will cost $55. 
Do I create the ad myself? We will offer templates for your selection. Your ad will go in EXACTLY as you type it. This includes any typographical errors. Please double-check that the ad is exactly how you want it before submitting it.
Can I include a picture in the ad? Yes, families may include school-appropriate pictures. The attire in the picture must follow our guidelines for the school dress code with the exception of colors. Clothing may be in any color or color combination. Examples of ideas include pictures of students in middle school on a sports team, in clubs, or with family or friends.
Is there a word/character limit to the ad? Yes, but it will depend on the template you select. 
What type of message do I include in the ad? Many families have messages of congratulations and well wishes for their continued education and life journey. Please make sure all messages are school appropriate.  
Can we purchase more than one ad? Yes, however, we cannot guarantee the placement of multiple ads will be together or on the same page.
Can other family members purchase an ad? Yes. Friends and family may also send our 8th-graders well wishes as they begin their journey to high school.
Where do I go to purchase the ad? Families can use this link to purchase their ad. We suggest having your message composed and your image ready when you place your order.
Can I purchase a Shout Out after I've placed the order for the yearbook? Yes, orders are placed on the same website but can be placed at two different times.
When can I purchase the Shout Out? We have extended the date. Families can now purchase a shoutout until Dec 15, 2023. We are unable to accommodate additional purchases after that time.
I missed the deadline to purchase my shoutout. Can I get an extension? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate purchases past the new deadline of Dec 15, 2023.