Yearbook Purchases

BMS Yearbook
Ording Your Book:
Families have two options for ordering yearbooks. 
  1. Students may bring their payments to the media center. We can only accept cash or check.
  2. Families may reserve their books online
Things to Know:
  • Reserve Early: To accommodate our increased student population we have increased the number of books we order each year, but we still sell out. We strongly encourage all families to reserve a book as soon as possible.
  • Tips/Suggestions: Please note the following to ensure your students' books are reserved:
    • We do not have a deadline for purchases. Our books are available for purchase until we are sold out. For this reason, we strongly recommend reserving your book early.
    • Please print/save a copy of your screen, receipt, or confirmation number for confirmation purposes.
    • Verify the transaction has gone through on your card. The company we use is Walsworth.
    • Feel free to confirm the transaction was successful by emailing Susan Nabors 
    • Due to the high volume of books we sell, please do NOT wait until May to confirm your purchase. 
  • Questions/Concerns: Contact Susan Nabors