School Council (2023-24)

2023-24 Meeting Dates:
  • August 31st - 7:45 am
  • November 2nd - 7:45 am
  • February 1st - 7:45 am
  • April 11th - 7:45 am
School councils are comprised of a minimum of seven council members:
  • The principal;
  • At least two certificated teachers;
  • A number of parents, so that parents make up a majority of the council.
  • At least 2 parents must be businesspersons; and
  • Other members as specified in the council's bylaws.
Council members serve a term of two years, or for a term specified in the council's bylaws.
All members of the School Council must:
  • Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues;
  • Regularly participate in council meetings;
  • Participate in information and training programs;
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community;
  • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community; and
  • Work to improve student achievement and performance.
Any BMS parent is welcome to attend School Council meetings. However, only School Council Members take part in voting actions.
2023-24 School Council Members
Keith Johnson, Principal
Kori Adams, Teacher
Cassie Bro, Teacher
Mafe Gwin, Business Representative
Sean Wilborn, Parent Representative
Ji Young Kim, Business and Parent Representative
Marcus Rasberry, Parent Representative
Courtney Karshagen, PTO President