Youth Work Permit Application

Completing the Youth Work Permit Application


1)      Get a job before applying for a work permit.

2)      After you are hired, complete a work permit application at:

  1.     You will need your Social Security Number or your Parent’s Alien Certification number (if not a US Citizen), and correct date of birth
  2. Select the “Start a New Permit” button
  3.     Complete all required information and select the “Submit” button
  4. Verify all fields are correct and complete before clicking on the “Submit” button

3)      You will be presented the Work Permit Minor Confirmation Page which includes the 10-digit Minor Security Key “MSK” (which is a combination of letters and numbers).  Print the Work Permit Minor Confirmation Page AND/OR provide the Minor Security Key (MSK) to the employer.

4)      Instruct the employer to go to complete their portion of the Youth Work Permit online or fill out the printed copy you provided.

5)      Once the employer completes their portion of the Youth Work Permit, contact the School to have the work permit completed and issued.  If the employer completed a printed copy, you will need to provide that to the school.