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WIN-TV Wolf Information Network

Advisor: Adam Meador
Where: Mr. Meador's room
Who: Anyone that enjoys video production through a theory-based, hands-on approach.
When: 8:45-9:10 a.m. (FLEX time)
2021-22 Dates of Meetings: ​Every day during FLEX unless otherwise scheduled
Special Notes:
  • WIN-TV serves as a video production class that introduces students to broadcasting and video production through a theory-based, hands-on approach. Topics include the fundamental technical aspects of the digital video camera, camera shots and composition, media literacy, aesthetic elements and techniques, non-linear editing, public service announcements, television advertising, short films, and WIN-TV studio roles and responsibilities. Students also have the opportunity to work in the TV Studio to produce a variety of programming.
  • Interested students should complete the form below with their families.
  • NOTE: THIS IS AN INTEREST FORM ONLY. Due to limitations, not all students will be able to participate in WIN-TV. Mr. Meador will reach out to interested students regarding WIN-TV after they complete this form.
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I give permission for my child/student to participate in WIN-TV during FLEX at Buford Middle School.*
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