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Spring Pictures 2024

This spring BMS will do our pictures a little differently. Families interested in spring pictures should read through all of this information, so we can ensure a smooth process for everyone. 


When: Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Who: Only students signing up for pictures will have their pictures made on March 13.

Cost: Students do not need to bring payment on March 13. Instead families will pay Lily McGregor Photography directly for any purchases.

NEW! Sign Up: Use the form below to sign up. Since not all students will be photographed, all students having pictures made must be signed up on this form by Friday, Mar 1. This includes all students included in any buddy pictures. Students not signed up cannot be released from class, and parents will not receive picture proofs.

Dress Code: Students having their pictures made do not need to be in dress code colors; however, they must follow all other regulations. Please keep in mind that solid colors will photograph best.

NEW! Buddy Pictures: Students may select to have individual and/or small group/buddy pictures made. Students selecting buddy pictures should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Groups can be up to four students. For example, your student can be in a group with a maximum of three other friends.
  • Groups may have a maximum of two poses. 
  • Groups must be selected from the same grade level. Since we are taking pictures by grade level, we cannot accommodate cross-grade level buddy pictures (even for family members).
  • An individual student may be in an individual picture and a buddy picture. 
  • All students are limited to just one buddy picture. This limitation is due to time restraints. 
  • All students in the group must sign up using the form below. It is not enough for a student to be listed in a group on another student's sign up. 
  • When signing up, all students in a group picture must be listed. This requirement allows our photographers to plan accordingly.
  • The deadline to sign up for pictures is Friday, Mar 1.
  • Students not signed up for buddy pictures cannot be released from class, and parents will not receive picture proofs.

Accessing Pictures: Parents will receive an email from Lily McGregor Photography with a link to access students’ pictures. Please keep the following information in mind:

  • Only students who have signed up and provided an email address on the sign-up form will receive the email. 
  • Please ensure the email address provided is correct.
  • Lily McGregor will post pictures in the same gallery used for fall pictures. Families who had issues accessing the fall gallery should reach out to LMP directly for assistance. 

Please contact Susan Nabors with any questions or concerns. 

Please complete the form below. All fields are required. This form will not be available after March 1.

Student Information

What type of picture is your student having made?*
Please remember students signing up for buddy pictures may only be in one group.
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I have read and understand all the guidelines above.*
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