BCS is implementing a system-wide online learning management system. This will take the place of Google Classroom and Schoology. Below are some frequently asked questions about Canvas.
How will my student log in to Canvas? Students are able to log in to Canvas directly from their BCSS email account. They simply click on the grid on the top right corner of their email account and select the red Canvas icon. They will be logged in automatically.
Will all of my student's assignments and assessments be through Canvas? The majority of assignments and assessments at BMS will be through Canvas, however, some assignments and activities will be hands-on or paper-based, and therefore may not appear in Canvas.
Should I use Canvas to check my student's grades and attendance? For now, please continue to use PowerSchool to check your student's grades and attendance. Although you will see some grades in Canvas, the final grades are those in PowerSchool.
How can I view my student's courses? This link will take you to the parent portal. From there you will need to create an account and enter a one-time-use pairing code.
Is there an app for parents? A parent app is available through Apple and Google Play. This will allow parents to observe their students’ courses. Parents will need to create an account and pair with each student enrolled in BCS.
How do I get a Pairing Code? Students are able to create a Pairing Code for parents through their accounts following these directions:
  • From the student Canvas account on a computer students will need to use the green navigation pane on the left to go to "Account."
  • Click on "Settings."
  • On the bottom right of the screen select "Pair with Observer." 
  • This is a one-time code. A second code must be generated for another parent to pair with this student. Each code is student-specific, so a code will be needed for all students the parent wishes to observe within Canvas.
  • From the parent app, create your account. Complete the required information and enter the pairing code. Click "Start Participating."